WAYMORE Films is a video production agency specialising in authentic & innovative digital content, focusing on commercial and wedding projects. We bring stories & ideas to life. From travel & lifestyle to festivals & fashion.We specialise in working with our clients on a one-to-one basis. This helps us to tailor their vision and achieve more personalised results.

We care about creative, we fight hard on every project we are involved with to deliver the best.

We are always pushing for better standards and expect the same from all those we work with.

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Covering mostly projects in Greece, we understand the importance of effectively conveying the brand values of businesses both big and small. Our work creates dynamic content for our clients, keeping them up to date with current visual trends and creating impactful assets for social media and online marketing campaigns.

Storytellers and light chasers by obsession, we produce creative yet discerning recounts of your day.

Capturing irreplaceable impressions and moments throughout your event, and reflecting all the moods and emotions, through film.

Your story is forever.

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Led by a forward thinking team WAYMORE Films is an experienced collective of visual artists, cinematographers, colourists, DOPs and producers. We share an innate passion for creating film. Together, we turn our client’s visions into accomplished narratives and incredible results.