The traditional way of weddings in Antiparos

Last September a wonderful wedding took place in Antiparos. Alicia and Eloy, a unique couple, got married in a beautiful church on an isolated little island between Antiparos and Paros, and the reception was held at a restaurant with a breathtaking sunset view.

This is the Wedding Highlight film that was shot and edited by WAYMORE Films.

Maintaining the traditions of Antiparos

Even though the couple is not from Antiparos, they wanted to respect the local customs and tradition on a wedding day. Antiparos itself offers this opportunity to those who seek to feel how it is to get married on this island. The picturesque location, the local folklore live music were only a few of the elements that created this beutiful atmosphere.

The traditional way of weddings in Antiparos

An unforgettable ceremony

We took the ferry boat that connect the islands of Antiparos & Paros ot take us to the church of Agios Nikolaos, on a deserted island between Antiparos & Paros. After 20 minutes, we arrived and, despite the strong wind, everything was in perfect order for the simple but full of love ceremony.

The traditional way of weddings in Antiparos

Dancing in the sunset light

After the ceremony and on the way to the reception hall, Alicia & Eloy wanted to spend some time alone during the sunset time. Not exactly alone, as we were there to capture some emotions. It was like an ecstatic dance with powerful energy. We were touched.

The traditional way of weddings in Antiparos

A unique wedding. A unique experience.

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